Introducing RestorFX

A professional restoration system that permanently brings the surface of a vehicle back to the durability and luster of its original paint finish.

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What is RestorFX?

Unlike traditional products, this technology does more than cover up scratches. Through a polymimetic surface regeneration process, RestorFX permanently removes 99% of scuffs, fading, weathering, swirls and more by mimicking, replicating and restoring the original paint finish.

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Why Choose Us

Local Service

Owned and operated in Bridgewater, VA, Deep Reflections Detailing offers a great selection of options to bring back your cars glory days. With paint restoration and detailing, we can handle everything from your family van to your elite sports car. We also specialize in helping car dealerships bring out the new shine in their preowned cars.

Outstanding Quality

"Attention to detail" is our middle name. Whether it is small scratches in your paint or kid's cereal crushed in the seats, we are sure to find it and make it look like new. Our fantastic team of detailers and paint specialists can make your beauty shine.

Family Operated

Family is important to us and we want to extend that welcome to you. When you have your car detailed at Deep Reflections, you become part of our family and we want you to feel the love we have for the work we do and the customers who keep us busy.