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Black Camaro SS that has been fully detailed by Deep Reflections

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Amazing !!   I have a new truck.  Paint was chalky and dirty looking.  The restore brought it back to looking like new.  Wes took the time to touch up all of the chips and imperfections.

Mike Friesen

Toyota Tundra

I had Wes detail my 2020 Toyota C-HR. I have not washed or vacuumed that poor little car in the past two years since driving it. I am a mom on the run, who farms and works full-time. I just couldn’t manage to get to it. Before handing the car down to my daughter, Wes detailed it for me. The transformation was astounding! The car is like brand new! Two years of neglect gone! I think my favorite part of this is that it looks good, but without the stickiness of Armorall, or all of the strong chemical smells. It just smells and looks clean! This will be the best Christmas gift for my daughter! Well worth the money!

Laurie Joy

Toyota C-HR

I brought my Honda in to do some major upgrades on the paint.  So I brought the vehicle in to Wes at Deep Reflections and it looks like a better than brand new car.  The gloss and shine is amazing thanks to Restore FX and Clear FX technology.  I definitely made the right decision coming to Deep Reflections and would highly recommend them.  Thanks for everything!

Todd Watkins

Honda Accord

Paint corrected/ceramic coated my 2015 Toyota Tundra and I am still enamored by the results!! My truck looks better than it did when I bought it from the dealership! Easy to work with and does phenomenal work! Can’t wait to bring my other vehicles to have them done as well!! Highly highly recommend

Kathleen Thompson

Toyota Tunfra

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Black Camaro SS that has been fully detailed by Deep Reflections

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